StandTall Vascular Sheath Extender Device with Securement Clasp
Stay radial and stand tall with StandTall™

StandTall 10cm / 15cm

Stay radial with StandTall™ and correct ergonomics limitations of left radial access procedures. StandTall™ corrects operator posture, reducing shoulder and back musculoskeletal stresses while maintaining sterility and hand dominance. Leverage the advantages of left radial artery access with StandTall™.


Making A Difference

The many advantages of trans-radial PCI continue to expand. Hospitals are capitalizing on this trend by integrating radial access into their PCI programs, given the significant cost savings and patient preferences. While left radial access (LRA) approach offers significant clinical advantages, right radial access (RRA) has seemingly become the primary wrist access site of choice in recent years. Workflow and patient positioning advantages as well as maintenance of physician right hand dominance likely explains this preference in spite of several limitations of a right wrist approach.

Radux Devices believes the primary aversion to LRA conversion is related to the increased operator stress and higher early radiation exposure rates from leaning over the patient while working from the right side. Alternatively, the physician and staff can reposition room set up to the left side of the patient, requiring use of operators’ non-dominant hand for fine motor activity, a suboptimal setup.  StandTall™ addresses and overcomes these challenges.

Using StandTall™ as part of the endovascular protocol will provide the physician with a more comfortable and stable workflow environment while reducing musculoskeletal stress and fatigue when conducting fluoroscopic procedures.

Patient Benefits

  • Pronated arm position for greater comfort

  • Faster reperfusion, recovery time

  • Allows for nondominant left hand to be accessed for cases (>90% of population is right-handed)

  • Improved overall procedure satisfaction

Provider Benefits

  • Decreased fatigue and musculoskeletal stress

  • Increased site access and stability

  • Improved workflow

Hospital Benefits

  • Reduced costs vs. femoral procedures

  • Reduced post-operative patient management

  • Reduced physician work-related absences due to musculoskeletal-stress injuries

Simple Set Up, Ease of Use

Setting up StandTall™ is easy and can be done in less than 2 minutes.

  1. Review patient anatomy and conditions to establish StandTall™ length.
  2. Flush StandTall™ and then attach to the vascular access sheath via the universal sheath adapter.
  3. Position the adhesive clasp to secure StandTall™ in the optimal position and adhere it to the patient or sterile drape.
  4. Shape StandTall™ into the desired position and secure it onto the adhesive clasp of the distal palm.
  5. Pronate and position the left arm across the patient to the right side of the table and secure arm to prevent arm drift.

We also offer StandTall™ 25cm external vascular sheath extender allowing you to better match an individual patients anatomy.

hemostasis valve and universal adapter

StandTall™ Features:

  • FDA Class 2 510k Exempt
  • Single use
  • Sterile
  • 8.3 FR I.D.
  • Hydrophilic inner lining
  • Shapeable, flexible stainless steel coiled shaft
  • Multi-position clasp with adhesive securely attaches to patient or drape allowing for positioning from 0 – 90º
  • Universal Adapter: Compatible with most introducer sheaths including 4-8 FR Terumo, Boston Scientific, Cordis and Medtronic vascular access sheaths and 7-8 FR Cook Sheaths
  • Not Compatible with Cook introducer Sheaths

StandTall™ Procedures:

  • Antegrade arterial puncture for arterial intervention
  • Arterial-venous fistula intervention
  • Acute stroke and emergent CNS reperfusion
  • Pedal access for limb salvage and chronic limb ischemia
  • Morbidly obese patient management

Instructional Video (Live Procedure)


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