Superior Support for Reproducible Results


LASS is unparalleled in its class as the easiest to use, most reproducible body positioning set available on the market. LASS provides superior left radial vascular access and unrivalled arm stability for patients during procedures.

By redirecting workflow from the left side of the table to the right, LASS makes it easier to perform left radial access procedures. This leads to a range of benefits, including reduced patient complications, lower procedural costs, shortened post-operative patient management, and decreased physical radiation exposure and musculoskeletal stress injuries.

A 2-stage product, LASS sets up in less than 1 minute. First, LASS functions as a left arm board to improve vascular access. Then, LASS serves as a left arm support to comfortably secure the patient’s pronated arm.

A Systemic and Sensible Design to Eliminate Arm Drift

LASS accommodates a variety of patient sizes and anatomies. All parts are reusable, easy to clean, and simple to store. LASS’s contoured shape means the C-arm can be maneuvered to any desired position without interference or mid-procedure repositioning of the patient.

Intuitively Straightforward

LASS system setup step 1

Easy Vascular Access

Fit the arm board horizontally to rest the patient’s arm on while gaining vascular access.

LASS system setup step 2

Comfortable Arm Pronation

Pronate the patient’s arm across their body and insert a foam piece so that their elbow is nested in the notch.

LASS system setup step 3

Secure Patient Positioning

Move the arm board into its vertical position to lock the foam into place.

LASS system setup step 4

Optimal Ergonomic Workflow

With the patient now securely and comfortably positioned, you can proceed to safely work from the table’s right side.

Patient Benefits

  • Support pronated arm position for superior comfort

  • Allow for nondominant left hand to be accessed for cases (>90% of population is right handed)

Provider Benefits

  • Intuitive, easy setup, reusable, and easy to clean

  • Reproducible results – replace makeshift systems

  • Exceptional vascular site access and patient arm stability

  • Redirect workflow from the left to the right side of table

  • Perform more Left Radial Vascular Access for PCI, Radial to Peripheral, and Neuro Interventions

Hospital Benefits

  • Reduce patient complications

  • Cut costs vs. femoral procedures

  • Shorten post-operative patient management

  • Decrease physician radiation exposure

  • Decrease physician work-related absences due to musculoskeletal stress injuries

Combine LASS with Radux’s StandTall™ external vascular sheath extender for a complete Left Radial System to maximize outcomes.


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