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Prioritizing Occupational Health and Safety in Healthcare

One of the biggest challenges facing healthcare today is keeping providers safe. That’s not easy in an environment where every minute counts and every patient matters. After two decades in practice, that was the impetus for Dr. Greg Gordon to develop tools to protect providers today and be healthier tomorrow.

“There are plenty of medical device companies that are focused on patients and that’s important,” said Dr. Gordon, founder of Radux. “But what about the doctors? What about the other healthcare providers? If we can improve their lives, then that improves the lives of patients, too.”

Radux delivers innovative solutions to protect healthcare professionals across an extensive range of disciplines, including Interventional Cardiology, Interventional Radiology, Vascular Medicine, Electrophysiology, Orthopedics, Neurovascular, and Pain Management, among others.

“It’s all about ergonomics and workflow,” said Dr. Gordon. “When we talk to healthcare providers and show them what Radux products can do, they see that we’ve come up with tools to make their lives better. They get it, they like it, they want it.”

Steradian Shield™

Frontline protection from scatter radiation
Reduce radiation exposure by blocking scatter at its source using a vertical shield to augment existing protection strategies.
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Superior support for reproducible results
An intuitively straightforward, systematic, and sensible design to eliminate arm drift and maximize patient comfort.
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StandTall™ 10cm / 15cm

Stay radial and stand tall with StandTall™
StandTall™ corrects operator posture, reducing shoulder and back musculoskeletal stresses while maintaining sterility and hand dominance.
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Standtall™ 25cm

Access management for complex vascular interventions
Maintain purchase, redirect workflow and stabilize vascular access during complex interventions.
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Our Unique Vision

Radux was founded with the mission to protect our healthcare workforce from dangerous occupational hazards. We believe that physicians, nurses, and health technicians should be able to safely work without risking high levels of exposure to scatter radiation or suffering from the daily wear-and-tear of musculoskeletal stress and fatigue.

“We offer practical, cost-effective solutions to an ongoing medical problem,” said Radux founder Dr. Greg Gordon. “The doctors are healthier, the patients are more satisfied, and the hospitals are saving money. Those sound like quality outcomes to me.”

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