Steradian Shield
Steradian Shield

Steradian Shield™

Frontline protection from scatter radiation

Reduces radiation exposure by blocking scatter radiation at its source using dual plane protection and vertical  shield to cover gaps in existing protection strategies.

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StandTall Vascular Sheath Extender Device with Securement Clasp

StandTall™ 10cm / 15cm

Stay radial with StandTall™

An external vascular sheath extender that corrects operator posture, reduces musculoskeletal stress, and provides a comfortable solution for Left Radial Access.

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StandTall 25cm external sheath extender with attached universal horseshoe adapter

StandTall™ 25cm

Access management for complex vascular interventions

Maintain purchase, redirect workflow and stabilize vascular access during complex interventions.

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Left Radial System

Making Left Right - For You

With the StandTall™ + LASS, you get easy vascular access from the left radial artery, and improved comfort and stability.

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