Frontline Protection From Scatter Radiation

Steradian Shield

The Steradian Shield provides physicians and staff an effective, portable sterile shield to place anywhere scatter radiation protection is needed. Steradian Shield’s fan shaped design provides enhanced scatter radiation protection between the physician and image intensifier, protecting the physician’s hands and body parts from the most critical pathway of scatter radiation.

Making A Difference

Fluoroscopy serves a critical role in helping you help your patients during image guided surgery. Unfortunately, it also presents you and your staff with serious health risks related to repeated exposure to scatter radiation. The Steradian Shield can improve your protection up to 78% by absorbing and blocking scatter radiation.

Placing the Steradian Shield just outside of the primary beam, between the operator and image intensifier, creates a vertical and horizontal of protection zone. Its small size has proven to be an effective protection solution in minimizing gaps missed by current protection strategies of large permanent ceiling and portable floor shields.

Contrary to the ergonomic limitations using standard protection devices, Steradian Shield can easily be moved or repositioned, minimizing scatter radiation at the epicenter of the procedure without obstructing views or workflow.

Steradian Shield also provides a barrier against fluid exposure and can be used in hospital and healthcare settings where multi-drug resistant skin pathogen containment is mandatory.

Simple Setup, Ease of Use

Measuring 6 x 8 inches and weighing 0.30 pounds, the Steradian Shield can be easily moved or repositioned without obstructing views or workflow. The adjustable adhesive base rotates on its axis vertically and laterally, and allows the shield to be easily removed and reinstalled as needed.

  • Moves 130-degree up and down
  • Detachable 360-degree rotating and locking base
  • Repositionable adhesive pad
  • Small (6”x8”) and lightweight (0.30 lb)

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