Frontline Protection From Scatter Radiation

Steradian Shield

Steradian Shield is the only shapeable attenuation pad that simultaneously incorporates vertical and horizontal multi-plane scatter radiation protection.  The vertical frontline positioning and vertical shield greatly increases the area of protected workspace and provides improved protection to the operators’ upper body and head.



The Steradian Shield Difference

Traditional attenuation pads offer limited operator protection while fixed shielding can create exposure gaps. These shielding limitations and gaps are well known and have been exposing operators for decades.  Steradian Shield covers these gaps and offers increased protection by incorporating dual-plane protection

Placing the Steradian Shield just outside of the primary beam and between the operator and image intensifier, creates a vertical and horizontal protection zone.  Steradian Shields size is proven to be an effective protection solution in reducing exposure gaps that occur due to: Patient size, patient and table movement, steep camera angulations, as well as address the gaps and limitations of fixed or portable shielding.

Vertical Protection Gaps:

The natural occurring vertical gap between the patient and the image intensifier is a major source of scatter radiation that is not blocked by traditional attenuation pads. Steradian Shield’s multi-plane protection covers these gaps and greatly improves your protection.



Contrary to the ergonomic limitations of many standard fixed and portable protection devices, Steradian Shield can easily be moved or repositioned, minimizing scatter radiation at the epicenter of the procedure without obstructing view or workflow.

Steradian Shield also is a barrier against fluid exposure and can be used in hospital and healthcare settings where multi-drug resistant skin pathogen containment is mandatory.


Ease of Use

Measuring 12” x 22”, the Steradian Shield can be easily positioned and secured to your ideal protection location.  Steradian Shield’s side ports allow pass through of tools and also provide greater positioning flexibility to accommodate numerous procedure types while avoiding dangerous exposure gaps.

Steradian Shield Features

  • FDA Class 1 Registered, Sterile, Single Use
  • 83% attenuation at 80 kVp (>.15mm Pb equivalent)
    • Scatter Radiation Testing Protocol ASTM F3094-14
  • Integrated malleable core
  • 2 access ports for device pass through
  • Flexible waist for multi-plane shaping
  • 4 adhesive securement strips
  • Fluid absorbent and protective fluid barrier
  • Latex Free


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