Ergonomics And Fatigue Reduction Acs 2016 – Abstract

Improved Physician Ergonomics and Fatigue Reduction using the Attachable Radiation Reduction Extension Support Sheath (ARRESS) for Endovascular Procedures. Hernan Hernandez, MD et al. Oral Presentation at the Scientific Forum at The American College of Surgeons […]

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Steradian Shield (Formerly-LockBlock) Citations

1. LockBlock Central venous occlusion intervention…. Abstract ID: (16010964). Abstract Submission Type: (Scientific Presentations). G Gordon, et al. ( Presented at RSNA annual meeting, November 27 –December 2, 2016, Chicago, IL. 2. Independent testing performed […]

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StandTall Citations

1. Fernandez-Portales J et al. Right Versus Left Radial Artery Approach for coronary angiography: Differences Observed and the Learning Curve. Rev Esp Cardiol. 2006;59(10):1071-4). 2. Lardizabal J et al. Right Versus Left Radial Artery Access. […]

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